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Hotels in Antwerpen - De shoppingstad bij uitstek

Hotels in Antwerpen - De shoppingstad bij uitstek

26/11/2011 - Logeren in Londen en Parijs

Ik ben geboren op het platteland maar al snel ruilde ik de eeuwige rust en saaiheid in voor een leven in 'de grote stad', in mijn geval Antwerpen. Sindsdien zat ik niet stil en bezocht ik reeds tal van hoofdsteden en andere metropolen in Europa en daarbuiten. Vorige week nog in een van de mooiste hotels in Parijs verbleven, en binnen een maand mag ik naar hotels in Londen, waar ik een belangrijke meeting heb. Joepie!
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9/7/2009 - Incredible couple of days in that hotel in Bergen aan Zee, the Netherlands!

Where are you now a place beach, sea and dunes, with beautiful old forests? Right: During a weekend or even longer in a hotel in Bergen aan Zee Netherlands. I did not have the seaside resort just recently discovered, but really just wonderful, I could walk for hours and cycle through the unspoilt nature and, of course, strolling, sunny terraces meepikken, sunbathing, etc. .. I was there in that hotel in Bergen very easily so missed rest (hard worked this year, far too many are actually good). Also, I found it quite impressive arts and culture in the short distance from each other. The municipality of Bergen, the tourist of today is a lot to offer.

The holiday in a Hotel Bergen aan Zee now want change and that is exactly what the beautiful coastal town has to offer: three unique village cores, each its own atmosphere, its own strengths. There is first the former fishing village Egmond (where my Hotel Bergen was located), with its beautiful beaches, terraces and shops. Then you can in the art village of Mons for many art and culture and also a very nice beach. Finally, for the rest viewfinder village Schoorl, with a much quieter beach and even phenomenal forests and dunes.The resort Bergen aan Zee has a unique atmosphere with a sea aquarium and a kilometer long beach, with adequate facilities for a comfortable day at the beach with all the and that, without that we can speak of abundance. The annual Jazz & Sail is now a nationally known event that attracts more visitors each year to hotels in Bergen and Bergen aan Zee.
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4/6/2009 - Van Antwerpen naar de kust: hotels in Blankenberge

Holiday in a hotels in Blankenberge is one of the best choices I ever made what domestic concerns anyway. The badstadje between Zeebrugge and Wenduine is famous for its folk character its broad beach and the ever busy. Moreover, Blankenberge always fun, whether it is high season or low season. Choosing a holiday in a hôtel à Blankenberge is really beautiful: Blankenberge is very much possible over night.

The seaside resort very easily to leave the tranquility of nature with the bustle of the city and the extensive gastronomic options in the center together. From hotel in Blankenberge it is as delicious to say beyond the holiday season to snuff . You're never really in a city always on holiday!If there is a seaside resort, which is full of energy and everyone knows how to seduce, then certainly Blankenberge. A whole weekend or holiday in a hotel in Blankenberge centrum I would also recommend everyone, especially by not otherwise seen range of family attractions and sights. The renewed Blankenberge pier eg very surprised by his magical architecture.Staying in a goedkoop hotel in Blankenberge will certainly surprise you. If you can see the bustle around and beyond the beach, you discover a beautiful art-nouveau heritage behind the dike. A trail connects the most out houses. Who dares further steps, is also in the Park 'The fountains, beautiful and diverse.

I'm quite a natural freak and I had not really thought about during my weekend in a hôtel Blankenberge so much nature to be found, really fun!Staying in a Hotel Blankenberge Zentrum is to choose the pearl of the Belgian coast, where you can enjoy wide beaches, unique sunsets on the pier, undisturbed can wander and wander, before dawn with a beach view on the distant horizon, and stroll along marked paths to the one discovered in the other stuff. These are all assets that you leave in hotels in Blankenberge make undeniably successful. The choice in Blankenberge hotels is well compared with other coastal cities, so you can in this respect more than reassured!
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12/5/2009 - From Antwerp to the Ardennes

Ever been a sporty or a gourmet weekend in hotel Ardennen spent? Many thousands of you will certainly be gone, just like me last week. Delightful time in Bouillon, in the heart of the beautiful region of the country. There is an enormous wide range of hotels in the Ardennes, or you are with the family from want to get good at sports affairs 're all alone, you'll always find something that your heart faster store.Bouillon is the largest city along the Semois (beautiful river hear!)

And one of the largest counties in the province of Luxembourg. The country around Bouillon is great to explore, stay here in a hotel in de Ardennen is an absolute must! Who wants to enrich its cultural horizon, can visit two places: the Ducal Museum, and the Archéoscope, where it occurs in the footsteps of Godfrey of Bouillon. You can enjoy panoramic views of photogenic, which is what the winding Semois downstream services. This beautiful piece of nature I prefer to stay in one of the many excellent hotels Belgische Ardennen, where I get to your heart's content can walk or cycle and of course gourmet high peaks can shave.Vacation in one of the hotels in de Ardennen means for me to be a pure holiday surrounded by nature, you full draft of the peace and freedom and can enjoy during your stay you live in a gezapiger, healthier pace.

If you're lucky is Ardennen Hotel along this beautiful impenetrable forests, splashing rivers, romantic ruins, etc.. The Ardennen hotel bring the guests all year round, summer or winter, there is always something to experience and enjoy it is blown. Can not wait to go back to my Ardennen hotels!
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4/3/2009 - Staying in a hotel in the sparkling city of Antwerp

You're looking to get away from it all, and treat yourself with a stay in a magnificent city? Then Antwerp might definitely be it! Antwerp is one of those enchanting Flemish cities where you simply find everything to turn your stay in a luxury hotel into an unforgettable experience! Add Antwerp to your "to do" list today and book one or more nights in of the many high quality  hotels Antwerpen!

You'll be amazed how long Antwerp, the biggest and most vibrant city in Flanders, will stick with you, long after you closed the door of your room in your Antwerp hotel! Whether you like history or are more of an adept of contempary culture: Antwerp has it all: powerful architecture, a sublime mix of old and new, lots of trendy but still affordable shops, jazzy clubs, nice restaurants and cosy cafés and bars,... these are only a few examples of what the city of Rubens has to offer to make your stay in a hotel Antwerpen perfect!

The richness of museums, galeries and green spots is hard to equal. Culture and history go hand in hand with a sparkling nightlife. Moreover, most hotels in Antwerpen lie withing walking distance of almost everything that's appealling in Antwerp. Antwerp is truly like a metropolis that fits in your pocket! Going for an Antwerp hotel guarantees you of an absolutely perfect starting point to explore the city and its treasures! Antwerp will never seize to blow you away!

Everyone who pictures Antwerp will immediately think of the words fashion, diamonds or the international port. There are many reasons why this wonderful historical ánd ultramodern city is regarded as the (non-official) capital of Flanders. Even more than Brugge or Ghent, Antwerp has everything to make a visit unforgettable. The wide spectrum of low hotel Antwerpen appeals to many people. Antwerp is a heartwarming, spontaneous and most of all very vibrant city and an absolute recommendation to plan a stay of one ore more nights in a hotel in Antwerpen. So make your choice between the different hotels Antwerpen now!

Cities closeby

Antwerp might well be the biggest and most influential city in Belgium, the small country houses numerous other interesting cities where visitors can find many cultural, historical, architectural and gastronomical treasures. Cities like Bruges, Ghent and Brussels each welcom millions of tourists each year and this obviously doesn't happen for no reason!

Staying in a hotel Brussel for example will bring you right in the heart of the city of the Atomium and Manneken Pis, with lots of interesting things to see. A stay in a Brussels hotel ensures you of a sparkling journey in a city full of un: city of thousands of shops, of protected monuments and panoramic views, of movies, concerts and theatre, of hospitality and multiculturalism.

A weekend away from home in a Brussel hotel is one of the best guarantees for a wonderful city trip! In a hotel Brugge you are also where you need to be if you like interesting and fascinating cities. Almost the entire historical city centre of Bruges has been put on the World Heritage List, so millions of people come each year to stay at least one night in a Bruges hotel.

Many of these hotels Bruges are located along these age old cobbled streets and alleys, or along one of the many enchanting and world famous Bruges canals. The Hotel Walburg for example offers a very nice view over historical Bruges, truly one of the best  hotels Brugge I ever stayed at, although ofcourse the Hotel Azalea, in the heart of the city, is also an excellent hotel in Brugge.

During my time in a hotel Gent, namely the Hotel Chamade I could here and there pick up some resemblances of Bruges, especially in the historical city centre (as beautiful as Bruges'). The quality of the Ghent hotels is also comparable to Bruges. The biggest difference of staying in a hotel Gent is perhaps that the city is a lot more modern and vibrant, mainly because of the presence of 30.000 students!

Staying in that other famous student town, in a hotel Kortrijk is surprisingly fun as well. the best hotels Kortrijk are to be found in the city centre, or in the beautiful outskirts. Of all hotels Kortrijk I found the Hotel Broel especially good, it was a very luxurious hotels in  Kortrijk in the middle of the city so I would recommend it to anyone!

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4/2/2009 - Sandton Hotel

The Sandton Hotel is a Antwerp hotel offering 66 comfortable hotelrooms and 8 'De Luxe' Residences. All are equiped with furniture of the famous Greek quality brand COCO-Mat. The furniture, including the luxurious box spring beds, is fabricated out of natural materials and give this Sandton Hotel Antwerpen a mediterranean character. All rooms of this hotel Antwerpen have big screen LCD televisions, WiFi and airconditioning. De residences of this Antwerp hotel are located in a beautiful classic building on the Keyserlei at 150 m of the hotel. Simply one of the most pleasant hotels Antwerpen!

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4/1/2009 - City Inn Hotel Antwerpen

The City Inn Hotel is a Antwerpen hotel offering 92 spacious and comfortable rooms, flats and apartments with or wihout kitchen. All flats of the City Inn hotel Antwerpen are equipped with a desk with direct dial telephone, television and a modern bathroom with bath/shower and hairdryer. Simply a wonderful Antwerpen hotel to return to after a long and fascinating day of visiting the city!

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4/12/2008 - Scandic Hotel Antwerpen

The Scandic Hotel is a very cosy Antwerpen hotel with a nice bar and restaurant with an extensive menu. In this Antwerpen hotel you can further enjoy a Wellness Center with swimming pool, sauna and steambath. The modern furnished rooms of this hotel in Antwerp are equipped with a working desk, airconditioning, internet access, minibar and a bathroom with bath and lavatory. The Scandic Hotel Antwerpen is conveniently located at the ring road of Antwerp, making it’s vibrant city center very easy accessible by public transport or by car.

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